My name is Christa Harlin. I am a 30-year-old brand new Family Practice resident in Chicago, IL. The stress and challenges of medical school kind of pushed me to travel. Travel gave me inspiration when I needed it the most. As one of my mentors once said, “I do what I do so that my patients can see the beautiful things I have seen.”

I named this blog “Little Pink Travel Book” quite simply because whenever I travel, I write down my experiences in a little pink notebook. The purpose of littlepinktravelbook.com is 2 fold: 1) To keep an electronic records of my adventures ( ya know, should anything happen to that cute little travel notebook.) and 2) To encourage/pressure me to travel at least twice a year whether it be in Europe or a 1 hour plane trip to somewhere domestic.

I hope you enjoy reading my travel notebook, and I hope it fuels your travel daydreams.


Christa Harlin


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