Montreal Mother Daughter Trip Part 4- Conclusion

The last full day of our trip to Montreal,
we gave ourselves a self-guided tour of the old part of the city, and also tried to squeeze in as much delicious food that we could into
our last day. Spoiler alert; This post is basically going to be all of the restaurants that we went to this day.

We looked at a few of the shops downtown then stopped for an early lunch at Olive & Gourmando. This place was packed and recommended on almost every travel guide that I looked at and for good reason. I had a panini with a really yummy dipping sauce. My mother and I enjoyed our lunch at the bar by the window where we were able to people watch.

After that we caught a tour of Notre Dame Basilica, one of the beautiful churches in Montreal. I was not raised Catholic, so I have always been amazed by the grandiosity and the beauty of their churches. Even if you’re not particularly religious, this is a must see landmark while in Montreal.

We then wandered around for a while longer and my low iPhone battery brought us into a tucked away coffee shop or I had one of the most delicious chocolate mochas that I’ve ever had. My mother and I sat there for about an hour chatting with the baristo and the other patrons read for a while in silence. Sometimes it’s good to just relax and then activity filled vacation like the one were having.

The last stop of the day was another one of Joe Beefs restaurants called Vin de Papillion.  This restaurant is like Joe beef’s less pretentious little sister. We had outdoor seating where we could see the chefs grilling food. We sat at a picnic style tables under twinkle lights next to the restaurant’s garden. While my mother and I were enjoying our dinner, we saw the actor that played  Haymitch Abernathy and hunger games. I could see that he was surrounded by an entourage and a very large man who I presumed to be his bodyguard so I knew if I wanted to take a picture , I had to be stealthy about it.

So, since he was sitting directly behind me I pretended to take a selfie with my phone really trying to get him in the shot. The security guard was not buying it. He came over and asked me repeatedly if I had just taken a picture of the table behind me with my phone. “No!”I replied innocently.” Why?! Is there anyone behind me that I should be taking a picture of?” He kind of just smirked at me and finally decided to let it go. When we left I said, “Have  a nice day Mr. security guard.”In the end, he just laughed in defeat.

We caught the train back to our bed-and-breakfast, and I briefly nothing out of my bed and breakfast to catch a bit of a jazz festival that was going on just down the street. Even when I travel with friends or family I still like to take a little time to myself in new places.

I would 100% recommend taking a vacation with your mother or any member of your family. As you get older you don’t have as much time to spend with them, so you have to be intentional about it.

Until next time,



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