Mother Daughter Trip to Montreal Day 2

The next morning my mom and I had our complementary breakfast at  Alacoque B&B Revolution. We were served eggs, croissants, and coffee. My mother and I talked American politics with some of the other house guests from elsewhere in Canada. “Why do Americans like Donald Trump?”, they asked with disbelief. “They don’t.” I replied. Or so I thought. That’s a different story for a different blog :).


After we finished breakfast we went to the Old Montreal Food Tour. We got there a little early so we stopped at Cafe Crew Collective. This coffee shop is an old bank transformed into a coffee shop.


Our first stop on the food tour was Brit Fish& Chips. Delicious. So delicious in fact that I burnt my hand due to my impatience and had a low grade burn for the rest of the tour. Worth it. We also went to a small corner shop called Depannes. We had delicious strawberry ice cream. The last place we went was called Soup Soup where we had maple syrup bread pudding …because Canada.  We went to 8 restaurants in total during the tour. I would definitely recommend  the Old Montreal Food tour to those traveling to Montreal for foodie reasons.

After the tour was over. My mom and I went over to the Place D’Armes Hotel for some drinks. We did this at the suggestion of the nice bartender we met while waiting to eat at Joe Beef the night before. The views were beautiful but the pitcher was a tad too big for my mom and I to drink on our own. Thus, we headed back to our B&B for a long nap.

We woke up and took a scenic walk to La Banquis for their famous poutine. To be honest the squeaky cheese, the gravy, the salty meat, all over fries was too much for me. It might have been the least favorite thing I ate while in Montreal. Canada loves their poutine, but what can I say. It’s not for everyone!

Stay tuned for part 3!




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